What makes me different

About Max

“Utilize a research-first approach so you can be more aimed in your approach!”

Not any normal consultant

A Professional Problem Solver.

Hey, I’m Max Murphy.
I partner with organizations to help them gather and organize information, decode their data, correlate patterns, and uncover actionable insights. Together, we solve real-world challenges.

I employ customer-centric strategies proven by data.

I believe passionately that all levels of growth originate from proper research

The first thing I recommend organizations do before we even have an initial strategy meeting, is evaluate their audience. Developing a better understanding of your core audience is key for implementing any type of growth strategy. This includes clearly defining and identifying unique subsets of audiences based on their behaviors, interactions, and engagement with your brand.
Proper business segmentation can be a tricky process that most consultants say they do, but they don’t get the whole picture.