The Spark Program

Stop spending all of your budget on Google Ads or Facebook Ads without a long-term strategy. Make decisions based on your data.

The classic agency marketing approach really only covers two core KPI’s, which are awareness and acquisition. The Spark program runs a proven system backed by data that can move users through your full conversion funnel with ease. I take into consideration those traditional metrics plus additional KPI’s that are critical to your success being: activation, personalization, referrals, and retention.

Spark Growth Marketing Program

The Key Drivers

Spark’s research-first process creates an entirely different kind of go-to-market strategy that incorporates data driven insights into your every decision.

Research & Prioritization

Organizational research is essential for creating sustainable strategic plans that impact every level of your business.

Bespoke Planning Process

I always build a dedicated growth plan based on your direct needs. Only the objectives and KPI's you value most will be included.

Behavorial Segmentation

Using my approach we can define your best segments of potential growth and personalize their entire user expereince.

Analytics & Event Tracking

I've developed a program that brings all your data sources together, analyzes your audience, and creates a deployment plan.

ROI Focused

I'm not an agency, I consider myself a growth partner and will advise you based on that relationship. Even if this means less profit.

My Phased Approach To Growth Marketing

Set your organization up with the right tools to better understand your audience, define clear objectives, develop a sustainable go-to-market strategy, and then deploy personalized experiences to the right users, at the right time.

Customer Journey Analysis

How do people interact with your brand? What are the touchpoints within each level of association? My process will detect how your non-customers, visitors, customers, and power-users interact with your brand.

Persona Development

Once we identify the customer flow within segmented levels of your business, we need to uncover the motives behind those interactions. What are their driving factors? What differentiates one group from another? How can we create lookalike audiences to target?

Surveys & Feedback

If you’re catching on, there is a theme going on here. First, we identify your best segments, then figure out to what extent they want to be engaged by your brand. Now it is time for us to ask for their direct feedback. Surveys are the most important part of any growth strategy. The insights can impact anything from operational processes to content optimization for your website, apps, or marketing collateral.

Data Mapping & Visualization

Ok but now you might be asking, what do we do with these new segments, personas, and insights? How can we connect the dots together to form some concrete plan of action? The answer is mapping, analysis, and visualization. In this final phase of discovery and research, we will tie together all the loose ends of your data, lookalike audiences, where you can geographically locate them, and how to best speak to each unique segment.

Website/App Performance

In order to generate a positive pulse in the marketplace at any level, your website needs to be developed with modern frameworks and technology stacks. I will run various site checks on your website, progressive web app, AMP blog, or any variant of front-end interface. I will develop a growth hacking recommendations list that we can use in order to plan out what the best tactics are for scaling your web presence.

User Experience

Coming from a background in graphic design, and reading A LOT of books on the synthesis of design, psychology, and marketing, we can craft unique experiences that are personable and customized to each level of your funnel and the direct segments of audience within them.

Search Engine Optimization

Maintaining a proper SEO strategy is key for businesses who want their customers to engage with their online content, find relevant information about their brand or lines of service, and have their moment-to-moment questions answered by your brand. This can create an organic sense of loyalty, trust, and interaction.

Channel Strategy

My program will detect what is the most valuable channel to distribute your message. This process builds on the previous phase of research and discovery, which uncovered vital intelligence your business can leverage in your decision making process going forward.

Product Development

All of the insights, prioritization, and identification we did in the first two phases will close the gap on your roll-out strategies for new products, programs, or campaigns. By strategically generating our deployment plan from a foundational level, we are able to clearly define objectives and KPI’s that are best suited to your end goal.

Lead Generation

If keeping your pipeline full is your top priority, I can help make that happen. Now, that’s not to say that generating leads is your main objective, and I understand that. But I do want to point out that if we followed the previous phases of my process, it would be extremely easy to incorporate new data-driven elements into your existing campaigns, as well as help define new ones to launch.

CRM & Marketing Automation

If you’ve paid attention to the previous phases, you can probably tell I like to create sustainable processes that are easy to quantify, optimize, and automate. Marketing automation is crucial for businesses who want to scale quickly and easily, all while creating an even more personable experience for their users in every phase of their funnel.

Continued Data Analysis & Refinement

The (not so final) piece of my growth hacking strategy is to consistently reengage with your identified target groups, measure their sentiment and feedback, update your content and accessibility options, and optimize your consumer touch-points. Overall, the best way to grow your business is to learn to humanize your brand, and to develop real world solutions to people’s problems.

Plans & Pricing

I've got various pricing models to suit your organization's needs.


I plan, you execute.

$ 150
USD per hour
  • Custom Research Solutions
  • Strategic Planning Assessments
  • Decision Making Assessments
  • Growth Marketing Consulations
  • Platform Audits & Analysis
  • Automation Implementation Meetings
  • Website/App Development
  • Ad-Hoc Analysis

Spark for Small Businesses

I plan and execute.

$ 2,500
Per month
  • Growth Marketing Roadmap
  • Data Mapping & Channel Strategy
  • Lead Generation (PPC, SEO, SEM)
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Monthly Custom Reports

Spark for Startups

I plan, execute, and expedite.

$ 4,000
Per month
  • Unlimited Monthly Meetings
  • On-Demand Vendor Relations
  • Full Growth Marketing Roadmap
  • Data Mapping & Channel Strategy
  • Lead Generation (PPC, SEO, SEM)
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Strategy
  • Monthly Custom Reports
Fastest Growth

Achieve your "mission-critical" objectives

Let's define new strategies together.